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Generic Jedi General

Currently, I’m working on a generic Jedi General. There isn’t a lot of Rebels or Lightsiders in my country, so in order to bring balance to the Galaxy, I thought a jedi would be the way to go. I also have a ANH Leia Senatorial which I’m still trying to complete. An update on that is on it’s way, until then, you can see some of it here.

Outertunic, obi and tabards

I was lucky enough to find a gorgeous earth coloured, light viscose twill on sale, so I bought 10 meters of it. That way, there is enough for both outer tunic, tabards and obi (and an upgrade to teenagedaughter’s tunic and obi). I like the same-colour-combination as in the style of Obi-Wan Kenobi. I can’t seem to capture the warmth of the colour, so the picture doesn’t do the fabric justice.

Brown viscose light twill


The pants are just a pair of light beige slacks from H&M. They are slightly stretchy and very comfortable. Only issue is they might be a little warm during the summer months and a bit cold during winter. I bought them a size larger than I normally wear, so I might put on skiing underwear during the cold months.

Jedi pants

Belt and utilities

The belt is from an Etsy seller, Leather3Dneon, made in leather and to my size. It’s looks very nice, and I’ll write a review once I receive it. Food pellets are also from Etsy and pouches are from Amazon. All of these will be upgraded in the future, as I really don’t like the look of them, but for now they’ll serve their purpose.Belt and Utilities



Now, the boots have been a mayor issues for me. I have rather large calves so most boots just didn’t fit. But, I am not interested in buying custom made boots at this point. I did find some boots on Amazon and I hope they’ll do. They have to stretchy seams down the back, quite discrete but still noticeable. I cross my finger that the judges will approve when I apply for the Rebel Legion. The boots are brown, however somewhat darker than the belt. This might be a problem, I’ll know once I have both in my hands.

jedi boots

Arm guards and comlink

As this is a Jedi General, there is an addition to the CRL about arm guards or gauntlets. I settled on the variant no 4, heavy leather gauntlets. Mine from CrusaderArmoury, is a nice tan, closes with velcro and will have the comlink attached to the left gauntlet. I’m not sure I’ll have anything carved into the gauntlets, for now they’ll be just plain. The comlink is 3D printed by SHAP3D, a fellow cosplayer in Denmark. It can be fitted with LED, which I’ll talk my B.E. boyfriend into making for me.


What I still need

I still haven’t found the fabric for my inner tunic. I think it’ll be in a Bordeaux or oxblood colour, but I’m open to other colours as well. It’ll be a stretchy fabric so the sleeves can serve as underlay to the gauntlets/arm guards.

Also I need a lightsaber, probably just a hilt and a covertec clip to attach it to the belt. Since the lightsaber is such a big part of the jedi’s personality, I’m still waiting for inspiration to strike. Also, the lightsaber is the one thing I’ll probably splurge on. With a high quality saberhilt, later on I can have it fitted with sound, light and blade.

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