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Trooping with Troopers for Charity at The Children’s Aid Foundation Day

Sunday I had the opportunity to join the Troopers for Charity at a troop for a local charity event for The Children’s Aid Foundation. We trooped for roughly 3 hours, and entertained children of all ages. The way children’s (and adult’s) faces light up when they see us, is always worth it and this Sunday was no exception. These kids have a hard life, dealing with stuff most adults can’t comprehend. Giving them a carefree day, I also had a splendid time, trying out the pieces to my generic Jedi General.

Costume pieces

Inner and outer tunics, obi and tabards were sewn in the days, up to the event. Overall, I liked the look of the costume. I still need to do all the niceness stuff though, like finish edges and embroider the edge of tabards. Also, sometime soon I’ll have to sew a new inner tunic, because I accidentally turned the fabric the wrong way when I cut it, to now it stretches in the wrong direction (this is so typically me, I should now better than trying to finish stuff when I’m tired!).

Tabards are to long in the back, they need to be shortened a bit to look good. Also, the inner tunic has to close a bit closer in the front. Almost as high as a turtleneck but more slanted edges like the outer tunic.

I love the colours, the dark red inner tunic resembling the colour of (human) blood. I decided my Jedi is a healer, so it makes sense in a way.


Troop Log

Date: 10th June, 2018
Troop Organiser: Troopers for Charity
Event: The Children’s Foundation Day
Location: Coopenhagen Zoo
Brief review: We all met up at the entrance to the Zoo. From here, we went to the event area in children’s zoo where we received a briefing about the day’s program and rules. Afterwards we got access to our changing room. Since we were a bit behind schedule, it was a quick change into costumes. Because I also had to help “Leia”, I felt a bit short on time and did not put my hair up as planned. When the last cosplayers were ready, we went back to the event area, where one of the celebrities was about to introduce today’s program to the attendees. The rest of the day was spent playing with the kids, taking pictures and walking around the garden to the great pleasure of the other visitors.
Notes to self: Take your time, no need to rush trough changing. Parts of the costume must be fixed, so it doesn’t fall apart during the day.

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