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The creator

You’d like to know more about the creator? Behind the camera, the sewing machine, knitting needles, costumes and keyboard is a 35-year-old, introverted woman. I live with my partner of 6 years, Martin and our two daughters Siri, 4, and Klara, 1. My eldest daughter Nanna, 14, lives here every other week.

I enjoy creating things and I’d like to evolve with my creative work. I missed having a place to show and tell about the things I do. This blog is intended to be that place where I can share the things I am passionate about.

About faith

Recently I got fed up with religion and I decided not to have one. In my opinion, religion is a horrible excuse to oppress people, and I won’t be a part of that. I’m still a member of the Danish National Church, not because I believe in it’s doctrines, but because I deeply love the buildings, the whitewashed churches in the green scenery.
I do enjoy many of its traditions, but I can no longer see that the Bible contains the only truth. There are truths in many different religions and none of them have patents on afterlife. Instead, I have developed a gut feeling that tells me what’s right and wrong. Most of all, I believe in common sense and compassion. I believe in nature’s circular rhythm that also is reflected in the ages of human life. I do not have a religion, but a very good idea. Therefore, we observe quite a few (Danish) traditions and add those which makes sense, including the big festivals of light and smaller sabbaths.

About the future

Our dream is to one day, own a a small house with a little land around it. The possibility of having a (large) vegetable garden and animal husbandry greatly appeals to me – especially if it means I just have to have a part-time job. Another dream is to live abroad, preferably in Scotland. It may happen one day, that we get the opportunity, and we will undoubtedly take it.

Other facts

I stopped growing when I reached 169 cm. However, in my passport it says 174 cm, because I wore high heeled boots that day. I have a terribly memory, which means names and faces stick with me. It’s not because I don’t care, I’m just lousy at combining the information. It also applies to dates and activities – I’m hopeless without my calendar why I carefully note and update my calendar.


What is your favourite place?
I love being in the woods, under the shade of the trees. But outside must be the general answer.

Which place do you prefer least?
On deep water – I do not like depths where you can’t see the bottom or the horizon. I love to sail but hate deep water. It causes the stomach to turn and the heart to beat faster.

Which Christmas song is your favourite?
Christmas is the most important holiday at home. “Nu tændes tusind julelys” by Emmy Köhler is my favorite Christmas song – I’m not Christian, but this melody goes straight to my heart.

When did you wake up today?
Klara woke me up at 06.36 asking for breakfast.

Who is your favourite superhero?
The people at Troopers for Charity, 501st and Rebel Legion are my favourite superheros. They may not have the strength of Superman, speed like Flash or powers like Wonder Woman. But they have compassion, kindness, and the ability to make people smile. Everywhere they go, they give people a break from the challenges they face in their daily lives. And that is an amazing superpower.

Oh, and Deadpool! He is like 7 levels of awesome.